Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to Expect

Just sharing more info.
I got this when i surf in the web. yesss....its my mommy-to-be syndrome again. hee
And i get more excited to search more about 'dad guide' more than my guideline ..LOL... heee...
(cik mok sure tensen je kan) alaaa...releks la...ni kan info jerk.

(from http://www.whattoexpect.com )

A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy: Month 1A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy: Month 1
You found out she's pregnant, now are you ready to find out what the next nine months will bring? Check out this expectant father's survival guide.

A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy: Month 2A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy: Month 2
The news of her pregnancy has settled in, but it still doesn't seem quite real. Here's how to prepare.

A Dad's Guide to Month 3A Dad's Guide to Month 3
Your partner's pregnant breasts may look tempting... but ask before you touch.

A Dad's Guide to Month 4A Dad's Guide to Month 4
Your partner is finally regaining some energy, but how to cope with the pregnant mood swings? Go with the flow.

A Dad's Guide to Month 5A Dad's Guide to Month 5
The halfway point of pregnancy is a big milestone. So why does the second half seem so much longer than the first?

A Dad's Guide to Month 6A Dad's Guide to Month 6
Feeling fetal movement for the first time can really seem like an out-of-this-world experience.

A Dad's Guide to Month 7A Dad's Guide to Month 7
Right now, your baby can hear your voice through your pregnant partner's belly. How cool is that?

A Dad's Guide to Month 8A Dad's Guide to Month 8
The anticipation of your impending arrival is growing, but you're not out of the pregnant woods yet.

A Dad's Guide to Month 9A Dad's Guide to Month 9
The childbirth classes are over, the nursery is ready, the baby clothes folded, so now you wait. And wait.

A Dad's Guide to Life After ChildbirthA Dad's Guide to Life After Childbirth
To put it mildly, you're overjoyed to be a dad. So why are you also feeling emotionally spent?

hehehe.....so future dad's out there.... enjoy! :D

owh by the way....

Mrs. Cik Mok aka Yaya. In my 4th month @ d office.
Abaikan face expression. hee.
Looks at my bump. T-shirt tu i used to wear b4 im pregnent...(longgar la dulu)
and now...its like a spegetthi tops lak. hahaha.


zila said...

haha..br nak tanya knp dgn face impression itu.baby dah besar..;)

zila said...

salah pulak..face expression.hehe

Sis. Abby said...

SALAM..X PECAYA JE AWAK DAH NAK JADI IBU... TAHNIAH ANYWAY... MAY GOD BLESS U... DO TAKE CARE URSELF...im someone u know...hanging there dear...

Husband said...

wahwahwah..peyot u dh besar..hahaha
ank kite kuat mkn lak tu

yayafrdz said...

to zila : muka masam semcm je kan. hehe.

to sis abby : i think i know u. kalau xsilap cousin kan. hee... thnks anyway. Saye pon xpercaya, tp tu rezeki dariNYA.

to hubby : mmg la besar. same kot dgn perot u.

Khemy said...

gee..korang laki bini ni kelakar la..

little miss kechik said...

its a very good. i havent finished mine though. sampai part beranak.. terus jadik takut. skiiiiiippp... hahahaha. tapi tak abis lagi caveman dah belikan yg no 2.. what to expect : the first year.. also a good read